E Publishing Services


E-publishing (or electronic publishing) comprises the digital production of books, newspapers, magazines, textbooks and other published assets through ebook publishing companies. With the growing popularity of mobile devices such as tablets and e-readers, consumers can now engage with e-publications in ways similar to that of traditional printed products.

With the maturing of the e-publishing market, the potential opportunities and pitfalls have become increasingly complex. They span, for example, from conflicting platforms, increased device capabilities, new business models in the age of digital distribution, the fragmented mobile device market and the powerful hold that Apple, Google and Amazon have over the e-publishing industry. As part of full-service offerings, bookdigitizers is capable of helping organizations right from ideation phase to implementation and market testing of content products or content service.

Our E-Publishing Team undertakes New Product Design/ Conceptualization, Custom Courseware Development, Media Strategy and Development, Item Authoring and Programming and LMS Packaging and deployment for K-12, Higher Education and Career Colleges.

Whether you are a startup developing software or a publisher looking to leverage e-publishing we can support you. With help of innovative tools and utilities developed internally, we provide customized, efficient and cost-effective solutions/processes to its clients and hence enabling them to reduce product development cost by more than 40% and reduce time to market.


    We bring editorial expertise that complements your in-house knowledge and skills to deliver accurate, high-quality content. Our editors are drawn from diverse academic disciplines such as law, medicine, finance, science, humanities, journalism and English literature, with the minimum qualification of a masters’ degree. This approach helps us edit any kind of content, efficiently and efficaciously.


    We provide cost effective and rigorous composition services for both print and electronic media to leading publishers and organizations around the globe. Our services enable clients to reduce risks and cut down production costs and also offer management of assets and content. We have experienced and skilled compositors capable of delivering services, using different typesetting software such as InDesign, Quark, Framemaker, LaTeX and Word.


    Convert your book, journal, and anthology publications into electronic formats and give your readers the option of choosing where and how they read, be it print or electronic, at home or on the go.

  • Graphic Design & Editorial

    Our graphic design studio offers conceptual design and artwork, illustration – from simple line drawings to detailed medical artwork. We provide full creative service that includes posters, banners, mailers, brochures, postcard, flyers, advertisements, infographics and direct mail.

  • Project Management

    We can provide complete project management, of both printed and digitally published content, from approved manuscript to print-ready or digital files. Or we can manage individual elements such as translation, design, copy-editing, proofreading and typesetting. Whether working on a complex, multi-component series or producing one-off publications, our editorial project editors ensure that your publishing project is completed on time and within budget.

  • Social Media Publishing

    We work with you and your website information to put together your core sales messages, then we add into the mix relevant and interesting hints, tips, facts and trivia to put the fun into your social media pages. We also include lots of links back to your website and relevant hashtags to encourage new followers. We can even post professionally edited images that make your social feeds look awesome and attract more attention.

  • Art & Illustrations

    We offer the unmatched flexibility of digital illustration (raster and vector), as well as the unmistakable look of traditional reflective illustration. Whatever your style, from high-tech to hand-drawn, we can meet your budget and your deadline

  • Technical Authoring

    We understand the technology and follow the latest trends to help you serve better. We are committed to providing you high-quality documents. We write, develop, design and edit the following type of documents for the IT industry. We have the expertise to address every aspect of your technical publication process, from technical authoring and delivery of simple manuals or service bulletins to development of complex interactive electronic technical publications (IETPs), and from PDF files to S1000D™ standards.