Digital Content Conversion & Publishing

Digitization, Conversion & Publishing Services For Books, Newspapers and Magazines.

Bookdigitizers is a full-cycle offshore digitization & digital publishing service, provider. Whether your project entails digitizing of

  • Books & Bound Documents
  • Library Collection
  • Corporate records
  • Historic collections
  • Books slated for POD (Print on Demand),
  • Lab notebooks
  • Born Digital Content Re-Publishing
  • Magazines to E-Magazines
  • Historic or Current newspapers
  • E-Newspaper Conversion
  • Photographs and Images on Film
  •  Image, Video Annotation & Labeling for AI Training Data
  • Archives & Collections
  • any other type of binding or lose content

bookdigitizers has the right digitization solution in place for providing quality output, on time and within budget.budget. Bookdigitizers is prepared to meet your metadata requirements from start to finish. We can serve your needs for descriptive, structural, technical, administrative, and preservation metadata

we can:

  • Collect data directly from the objects themselves
  • Incorporate your existing data/records
  • Create original metadata, formatted to meet your project requirements

We provide new generation digital content publishing & document digitization service to a variety of clients from across the world. Our teams undertake full-service content production and digital publication of magazines and newspapers from hardcopy or application files like InDesign and MSword. A typical project may start from scanning, indexing using keyboarding, OCR, and double key entry techniques or may require file conversion services or even a mobile app development.We provide our services in the background — quietly — without disruption or interruption of your operations. And since many of our projects involve at least some on-site work, that’s a meaningful promise.We expedite content digitization with automated workflows using advanced technologies helping you improve efficiency and output quality.

Despite having one of the most affordable pricing structure, we compete in flexibility, talent acquisition and processes. We want to hear from you. Share your challenge with us and we will send you a quote in less than 24 hours.

  • Digital Publishing & Content Platforms

    We develop and customize content management systems, portals and publishing platform workflows to suit your organisations requirements for Digital Content.

  • Scanning & Imaging Services

    Document & book scanning or Photographic capture with colour correction, image manipulation and line art scanning. Our expertise also includes post-scanning image enhancement processes, such as cropping, de-skew, de-speckle, lighting correction, histogram adjustment, filter, book curvature correction and more.

  • Hardcopy Digitization to PDF Conversions

    We convert your paper documents, files or scanned images to full text searchable PDF files. The process includes – Preparing the documents for scanning, scanning the documents, checking the quality of the scanned images and re-scanning if there are any errors, OCR text recognition, optimizing & creating the specified PDF format, file naming as specified. Full text search allows users to find specific information that may be contained in multiple PDF files.

  • OCR & Metadata Indexing

    Our optical character recognition (OCR), document scanning and indexing services are probably one of the best cost-effective services you will ever find. We have multilingual optical character recognition capability or provide text searchable PDF format.

  • Data Capture Service

    Data capture can be from images or paper forms. We use a double key process to ensure high accuracy output. We understand that your data is useless if incorrect and so we ensure that our forms processed data is highly accurate.

  • Data Entry Services

    We provide data entry in various formats (MS Word, Excel, Access, Text) or directly to online systems from printed matter, scanned images and handwritten materials. We have achieved a high level of data accuracy, even with extremely difficult-to-read historical content.

  • Data Management

    We create and maintain small and large databases of various kinds. We can maintain Technical, Scientific and Business Databases/Indexes & Directories. We extract data from the web, printed matter & scanned images to create databases to your requirement and periodically maintain your database through regular updates.

  • EPUB, XML and DTD Design

    Our DTD (Document Type Definition) and schema production teams have rich experience in developing, refining and documenting the DTD/Schema into dynamic products. We use and modify a variety of third-party encoding standards such as TEI, Docbooks, NLM, DTBook and others. We also develop other proprietary content management tools to create XML databases.

  • Image Annotation for Computer Vision Training Data

    We manage projects which us cutting edge technology and a team of trained professionals to offer photo, negative, and slide scanning, video and film transfer, and photo restoration and metadata services to customers around the world. We have experienced image annotation experts who can build dedicated teams to support your AI engine, detecting objects and shapes as well as semantic segmentation. We design the shifts and processes to meet your volume and to absorb seasonal peaks, all in real-time.