e-Newspaper and EPUB production services & solutions

E-Newspaper and Digital Publishing Technology at bookdigitizers

Our e-Newspaper and EPUB production services & solutions are powered by a cutting-edge digital content production and conversion platform. Bookdigitizers powers its services and solutions in active partnership with Textalk Media Sweden Textalk Media is a world leader in accessibility innovations in e-Newspaper and Digital Publishing. It has developed a complete product suite to produce and distribute accessible and mainstream products.

Bookdigitizers uses a number of a web-based system for e-Newspaper and Digital Publishing. Webarch is used for extracting and structuring content from fixed layout PDF, InDesign or QuarkXPress documents into EPUB3, DTbook, HTML and custom formats can quickly deploy best-in-class technologies and ensure that you stay ahead of the competition. Webarch offers a number of built-in export formats that can be activated simultaneously to various channels. We can also add support for custom formats upon your request. Read more at webarch.io. 

The webarch suite can retrieve material from publisher’s InDesign, QuarkXPress or PDF documents content conversion and content extraction to create a well-structured database where each article consists of its primary elements such as headline, preamble, images and body text etc.

Prenly is an ecosystem for publishers and brands, aiming to simplify publishing, increase accessibility and improve readers’ engagement. Read more at prenly.com. It provides features for production, distribution and subscription control allowing the material to be distributed in multiple channels such as inclusive apps for Android and iOS. Prenly is an easy-to-use software for online issue-based publishing- a collaborative writing tool, allowing you to schedule and publish compilations of your very best interactive articles and PDF-documents.

E-Newspaper & Digital Replica Production Workflow

We typically receive newspaper and magazine titles 24/7 in the form of PDF-Normal files via FTP. All these files are converted to NITF-compliant XML, EPub3 and Mobi formats using customized XSLT and a user interface. Kindle and iPad compatible outputs are tested before delivery.

The following processes are in effect:

  • Ingesting PDF files into workflow
  • Allocating of files
  • Auto Segmentation
  • Extracting of the metadata and text from PDF files
  • Tagging, formatting, and on-screen proofreading
  • Auto Validating and parsing as schema
  • Quality checking on device
  • Uploading/Exporting of the output

Evolving E-Newspaper, Digital Publishing Technology

We are constantly evolving our integrated system of cloud-based technologies, AI-enabled & Data Driven Application modules for- PDF extraction, Enrichment, XML semantic tagging/parsing, reference detection and linking, data extraction, data categorization, and taxonomy indexing (among others). These application modules can be applied to any phase of a digital workflow either collectively or discrete.

Hallmark of our Mobile App Solutions

Bookdigitizers is working to deliver end-to-end automated solutions with:

  • Intuitive user experience – No more pinching and zooming PDFs required. Available on smartphone, tablet and web.
  • Replica Publishing – Get your content 100% automatically processed within minutes and hours of submissions, we ensure your replica publication for quality and ensure on-time delivery.
  • Digital & Mobile First Publishing – Experiment with pre-formatted news-digests or evening editions. Launch your new digital publication in a couple of weeks. Proven results: from 0 to 1 million readers in 3 months time.