More options are available for authors to produce audiobooks

Audiobooks are the latest trend in book publishing. They’re the part of the podcast boom, and they’re helping US publishers to keep losses down as e-book sales for big-name companies continue to slump. What’s been around since the 1980s has a sleek new face, and today who’s listening, where, and why, offers a glimpse into a new reading trend sweeping the US.

In our multimedia world, audiobooks offer the chance to read in between tests, papers and extracurricular activities. We spend an hour or more every day just walking to and around campus, working out or in the shower. This is a perfect time to catch up on reading by listening instead. Additionally, listening to the audiobook can truly enhance your experience of a story—no matter the genre. Many libraries now offer free rentals, so they’re easy and free to download.

ACX, an Amazon company, is a marketplace for the creation of audiobooks to be created where the barriers to entry are low.  Via the ACX web portal, authors, literary agents, publishers and other holders of book rights can connect with narrators, engineers, recording studios, and other professionals with audiobook production skills. Content owners can audition talent, and talent can bid on projects via the ACX portal. It’s a convenient and relatively inexpensive way for authors and publishers to find creative artists and technologists with the skills to turn their manuscripts into digital audio publications.

Bookdigitizers now provides studio-based production services to authors and content owners on a contract basis. When working with bookdigitizers, in addition to ACX, authors and publishers have a range of both exclusive and nonexclusive options to consider for producing audiobooks.

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