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About Bookdigitizers – Content Transformation Services

Bookdigitizers was established by Soluzione IT Consulting Singapore Pte Ltd in 2017. It is a digital service initiative leveraging innovations & the latest content technologies. The initiative is led by a group of passionate and experienced IT professionals. The leadership has several decades of experience in IT Application Development, CRM conversion and Web content development.

Soluzione strives to bring rapid innovations in delivering rich content across print, web & video. We have a highly skilled team of IT experts ready to create software tools that enhance the productivity of the data conversion & content production process and improve the quality of the content delivered to customers.

Bookdigitizers specialize in providing time-driven services to newspaper publishers, content aggregators, and licensing agencies across the UK, Europe, US, and Asia Pacific regions. Bookdigitizers utilizes state-of-the-art third-party and in-house software to execute and meet the specific requirements of each of our clients.

Our Technology Competencies

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