Get your required EPUB, e-Newspapers, e-Magazines, Data Conversion & other Digital Content outputs with guaranteed fast delivery options. Our seamless express service is powered by automated workflows. Our custom and flexible technology undertake layout analysis, auto-segmentation, text extraction and XML markups.. Never over-promising and delivering “On time and every time”.

Reliable Digital Content Production

Being your EPUB & e-Newspaper content production partner means it’s our responsibility to ensure deadlines and standards are met always. We output e-Books, e-Magazine and e-Newspaper XML and Mobile Content production from PDF & Indesign files. Our years of experience, focus on quality, consistency & best of the breed technologies ensures we always keep our promise of “Delivering with integrity”.

Affordable Services for all Content Needs

Leverage a combination of the latest technologies and decades of production expertise. Our cost advantageous 24 X 7 global locations deliver unparalleled value without compromises. Our endeavour is to provide the best value for your money for all your content needs “Whatever it takes”.

Bookdigitizers – EPUB & Digital Content Services

We deliver multi-format EPUBs, HTML 5, e-Books, e-Newspapers, e-Magazines, Mobile Apps for Newspapers/ Magazines, Websites & expert XML Data conversion.

Digitization Services
e-Book Development
e-Publishing Services
e-Learning Services
Mobile Apps & WEB Portals

 E-BOOK & EPUB Solutions

e-Books and EPUB were considered as more digital editions of a regular book till yesterday. With improved e-Readers and more books designed digitally, readers are looking for more functionality in an e-Book. We provide complete Digital Publishing Technology and Services to Aggregators, Publishers & Libraries.

Mobile Apps for e-Magazines and e-Newspaper

We build intuitive Mobile and Web applications as Digital Replicas of your Publication that support different platforms like Google Android, iPhone. Powered by world-renowned accessibility leaders Textalk media, Sweden we add multimedia-rich graphics, text, audio, video, animation, music and read aloud narration.

The Prenly Mobile App solution provides everything you would need to develop and publish your content into apps. We can effectively and efficiently develop, manage, publish, and control securely all your valuable digital assets. Our intuitive interphase allows companies to extend content and brand by producing apps a lower cost and connect with the right target audience. You can also embed video and audio in your mobile editions.

The Prenly Mobile App solution will allow you to publish all your media for:

  • IPad app & iPhone app
  • Android tablet app & Android smartphone app
  • HTML 5 Mobile browser view to its available across all platforms

Who We Work With

Bookdigitizers work with clients small and large, local and multi-national, to transform content for greater access, preservation, value and audience. We deliver each project to meet the unique requirements and goals for each client. We build Mobile apps and Portals and conversions for your Newspapers & Magazines manuscripts & print books into all standard commercial e-Book formats, such as EPUB, Fixed Layout EPUB, Mobipocket and KF8.  With Interactive e-Book Conversions, we transform the simple act of reading into an experience that engages and offers a visual treat for the eyes. Passive reading morphs into engaging and interacting learning with our expertly animated Comic Books and e-Books, textbooks and other children’s books.

  • Independent Authors

    Create gorgeous e-Books and e-Book covers in a few easy steps. We take the hassle out of design and formatting, so your book looks both professional and beautiful. We’ll be your team, offering you intelligent insights and practical help along the way right upto getting you on all e-Book platforms.

  • Publishers

    Discover increasing revenue – and a growing audience – by publishing content online, including books, magazines, journals, and newspapers leveraging our full service production capabilities.

  • Academic Institutions

    Discover Engaging professional outsourced services with the experience to deliver academic-caliber results in developing (OER) Open Education Resources, e-Learning, Research and Journal Contents & Web portals.

  • Libraries, Archives, Museums

    Technology & services for digitizing collections, building digital libraries, digital preservation and content systems.

  • Non Profit Organizations

    We develop and deploy inexpensive Content solutions for Not for Profit Organisations leveraging opensource technologies for digitisation of Historic Archives and content requiring digital transformation.

  • Business & Government

    Support digitization initiative by providing  Web & APP development, Data Conversion solutions, including scanning, data entry, data capture, full conversion and output into a range of desired formats.


EPUB3, DT/Daisy Audio provides authors and publishers an end to end service to have their books professionally converted or recorded as audiobooks and sold online through Audible, Amazon and iTunes.

Our comprehensive range of fixed-layout read aloud e-Book conversion services, include:

  • EPUB and HTML 5 Content
  • Narrated e-Books, e-Newspapers, e-Magazines
  • DAISY and NIMAS XML for talking books
  • Audio Production Services in MP3, WMP (Windows Media Player), RA (Real Audio) and many other audio formats
  • Audio embedding into PDF format files & Tagged PDF’
  • EPUB3 formats with DAISY capability
  • Mobile apps with read-aloud features

We convert all types of books like travel guides, children’s books, cookbooks, non-fiction, etc., into audio books. Depending on the client’s project specifications, our professionals can also produce read aloud books in the National Instructional Materials Accessibility Standard (NIMAS) and Digital Accessible Information System (DAISY) formats.